Multiblock is a GTK+/Gaim plugin that lets you block your buddies by groups.

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Installing Multiblock

I haven't written the autotools scripts yet, sorry. You need to download and extract the code to your gtk/plugins directory in your gaim source tree. If you don't know what this is all about, then you probably won't be able to install this plugin until I or someone else can provide a package for your system (what is not within my short term priorities).

Windows install

To install on Windows you'll have to prepair the compiling environment first. Follow the steps in Windows Gaim Build Instructions. You don't need to build the installer, ignore the final section on "Gaim Windows installer". Be sure you download the source of the same Gaim version you'll be running later.

Download the source and copy multiblock.c to gaim-GAIMVERSION/gtk/plugins then run:

$ make multiblock.dll

Copy the resulting multiblock.dll to $HOME\.gaim\plugins, where $HOME is the path of the gaim data directory, (for Windows XP most likely C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\). Restart Gaim.

Linux/Unix install

Download the gaim source code and ./configure (be sure you are configuring the same version you'll be running later). Download multiblock source and copy multiblock.c to gaim-GAIMVERSION/gtk/plugins, then run:

$ cd gaim-GAIMVERSION/gtk/plugins
$ make
$ cp $HOME/.gaim/plugins

Where $HOME is your home directory.

Source and support

This plugin has been compiled and tested against 2.0.0beta6. It's just a crappy approximation to multiple blocking. I'm working on a new one based on buddies tags and with a better interface. Report any problem via the Support Request Tracker.

Download Multiblock source code.

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